Welcome to Iran! – Shiraz

by Simon Wentzel

Shiraz is located in the southwestern part of Iran. It is one of the most popular cities for tourism in Iran, not only because it is the nearest city to Persepolis. I had the pleasure to visit this wonderful city for two days. But you could easily spend more time here. 


One of the main attractions of Shiraz is the Nasir ol Malk Mosque, also called the Pink Mosque. Tourists are welcome here, with the growing number of tourists this could become one of the most popular places in whole Iran. 

Other places to visit are the Musalla Gardens with the Tomb of Hafez, a famous Persian Poet, the Eram Garden and the Karim Khan Castle. 


There is also a number of good hotels, we stayed at the Royal Shiraz Hotel, which is next to the Haft Khan Restaurant Komplex. 


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