The Glorious Country Mass Games, North Korea

“The Glorious Country” Mass Games of North Korea

by Simon Wentzel

Truly one of those once in a lifetime opportunities: On my last trip to the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea – also known as North-Korea- i was able to attend one of their spectacular Mass Games. These gymnastics shows are the biggest of its kind and world record holder with tens of thousands dancers and acrobats and held in one of the largest stadiums in the world, the May Day Stadium of Pyongyang, which can acommodate up to 114.000 people!


About my visit to North-Korea

I was able to visit the DPRK as part of a group of aviation enthusiasts. Of course when you go to North-Korea you don’t go there just to fly some old Russian aircraft. We also visited Pyongyang and some of our group also visited the Demilitarized Zone, the mountains and other parts of the country after the main tour.


An evening at the Mass Games

A few weeks before the tour we were offered the absolutely unique opportunity to see one of the famous shows in Pyongyang. Right after our landing at Pyongyang Sunan Airport we were driven to the stadium to see the show. 

The year 2018, that is now coming to an end, was the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Democtratic Peoples Republic of Korea. And of course the show would be a good picture of the history of the DPRK. The show basically tells the story of the war, the founding of the DPRK and will also give you a good picture of the country. 

The show was absolutely spectacular, featuring fireworks, light and laser shows and of course the mass dances, gymnastics and acrobatics.


Before the show


“The Glorious Country” Mass Games show of 2018

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