Sun-Air Dornier DO328 JET

by Simon Wentzel

One of those rare catches in Europe: The Dornier Do328 JET, operated by Sun Air of Scandinavia and flying under British Airways brand. Sun Air is operating several Dornier out of their home-base in Billund, Denmark.

This was my second attempt to catch the Dornier. On my first trip last year I booked a round trip with a BAe Jetstram 32 and Dornier Do328 combination but ended up twice on the Jetstream 32. 

So I had to give it another try, as there are only a few options on flying a Dornier in scheduled service. Sun Airs tickets are not the cheap ones, so I decided to go oneway to Billund and back home on SAS via Copenhagen. That would also save me a long wait in Billund. 

Flight BA8202 was leaving Düsseldorf, my home town, at 9:45am. That’s a very nice time to go to the airport when the first rush hour is over. 

We were only 14 passengers onboard, so the plane would only be half full. This would give some good photo opportunities. The boarding by bus was very quick and we were still early. 


When entering the plane you really have to be careful with your head since this is a small plane. Overhead bins are only found on one side of the aisle. They would only carry some “real” hand luggage, such as shopping bag, your rope or an umbrella. Cabin trolleys were stowed in the back of the plane by the crew.

Takeoff was very quick, we made a short right turn and were climbing. The smell of fresh coffee was already filling the cabin. 


Since most airlines in Europe no longer offer any service or only drinks, Sun Air is an outstanding nice experience. They serve breakfast with fresh bread rolls and a snack in the evening, this can be Roastbeef on potato salad like on my previous flight.


The flight was very smooth and quiet and I enjoyed my few extra inches in the exit row. I also had a look around in the cabin:


After an hour we made our descent to rainy Billund. The plane was parked right in front of the terminal so we could walk up the stairs into the building. 



My onward flight would leave Billund in about two hours. It was operated with an ATR72 by Jettime. It was short and not very spectacular. But nice to have an ATR after a while. 

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