Mahan Air Boeing 747-300

by Simon Wentzel

Iran has been under sanctions for many, many years. One result of this sanctions is one of the oldest airfleets in the world. So in Iran the Boeing 747-300 is one of a rare kind. Most western airlines have ceased operations of this particular type in the early 2000s.

Today in Iran there is only one active Boeing 747-300 left, the second one has become inoperative. Mahan Air is using this 747 for its service to Mashhad, the second largest city in Iran.

Our flight departed in the early morning from Terminal 4 at Mehrabad Airport in Tehran. Like all passengers we were carried by bus to the parking position.

A unique opportunity to sneek a peek of the planes at the government ramp right behind our 747. But our attempt on a picture was stopped right away by security, but we were welcome to take pictures of the 747. Later the ground crew was even helpful to some passengers taking their pictures. 


Boarding was quick. My seat was a few rows behind the galley. After a little wait for some missing passengers we were ready to go. The pushback pushed us out of our parking position.

Quickly after taxkeoff service started with tea and a tray with breakfast. It was very tasty. You can really skip breakfast in the hotel. 


Now some time to enjoy the view of Mount Damavand, the highest mountain of Iran (5609m). Our flight ended after only  a little more than an hour. The pilots made a very nice, smooth landing. 

Some interior impressions:

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