Lufthansa A380 Premium Economy

by Simon Wentzel

I think most Avgeeks and frequent flyers are focussed on traveling at least in Business Class. But a good Premium Economy Class can be a tough rival for the premium classes. 

Lufthansa has one of the best Premium Economy Classes on the Market. It is not only offering some extra inches, but is giving you a feeling of flying in another class with wide, comfortable seats and additional recline. 

Their Seats are equipped with a screen in a decent size and the newest multimedia system. There is plenty of storage around the seat and there are all common power outlets and USB ports available. 


Our flight departed Frankfurt at 10:20am and was heading to Miami, arriving around 3pm after almost 11hrs inflight. And since it was a daytime flight, Premium Economy should be just fine. 

We were welcomed by the crew and directed to our seats. The Premium Economy on the Airbus A380 is located in the front of the lower deck. It is not really big, only 52 seats. That is not much if you see the capacity of more than 500 passengers. But this will give you a very private feeling. 


After the boarding we were offered a small snack and a glass of a non-alcoholic cocktail or orange juice. This is a really nice gesture I think. We were also handed out a menu. 


Lunch service started around an hour after takeoff. I chose the Piccata Chicken Breast, which was really tasty. After lunch they offered coffee or tea and there were enough rounds of drinks. 


After having some rest, I watched a film on their entertainment system and watched some TV. Their system offers a limited number of live TV channels such as CNN and Euronews. They also offer some games to play with the remote.


You can also connect to the Lufthansa internet service. This will cost between 9€ for one hour and 19€ for the whole flight. I think this is a fair price compared to others. Swiss will charge between 8€ for 20MB and 36€ for 120MB, not very useful I think.


Before landing Lufthansa is offering a dinner menu with the basic choice of chicken or pasta. The chicken was with a soy sauce and a stew. So compared to others you won’t get off the plane hungry. One of the thinks I really like about Lufthansa.


Bottom line:

After flying down the whole east coast from North to South we finally made it to Miami. Traveling in Premium Economy is still my choice on a daytime flight, If the flight is not too long. The price is absolutely fair and it is a real plus in comfort and service.

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