Junkers JU52

by Simon Wentzel

One of the most popular vintage airplanes in Germany is the Junkers Ju52. There is a total of five planes that you can fly. One of them is the Lufthansa ‘D-AQUI’. The other planes are flying for Ju-Air, a non-profit organization based in Switzerland. 

One of the planes with Swiss registration is owned by an organization from Mönchengladbach, Germany. Almost every weekend during summer it will be flying in my area. I can often watch it from my home. 

Their plane was standing on a display at Düsseldorf Airport for many years before its restoration. Now it is flying again as ‘HB-HOY’.

It was built in license by CASA, Spain in 1949 and is equipped with three BMW engines with 660HP each. 

My flight took off from Mönchengladbach Airport, 30km west of Düsseldorf. Since it is a small airport with no commercial use you can walk upon the ramp. There is even a small café. 

We were welcomed at a check in desk outside the building and handed out our boarding passes. They were handwritten and on a keylace, which is a very nice souvenir. 


We boarded the plane through a door in the rear and took our seats in the back of the plane. 

When the engines were started it became really, really loud. So we needed the noise cancelling headphones, which we were handed out previously. 

The speed during take off is really slow. But before we noticed, it was in the air and continuing its flight at low altitude and very low speed. 


Our flight took us over Duisburg and Essen and back to Düsseldorf. The two pilots were doing an awesome job. We even managed to do a low pass on Düsseldorf Airport.


Then the pilots followed the nearby Rhine River and did two circles around the Rhine Tower in Düsseldorf with an awesome view of the city.


I really enjoyed my time onboard. It was a fantastic experience flying a vintage plane constructed in the early 1930s by aviation pioneer Hugo Junkers. 


Our flight ended after an hour in the air. There were still some photo opportunities and time for some selfies. And of course some cockpit shots. 


If you need further information, feel free to contact JU-AIR in Switzerland or JU52 Rundflüge, who organize flights in Germany.

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