Iran Aseman Boeing 727

Iran Aseman Boeing 727-200

by Simon Wentzel
Todays situation of the Boeing 727

Today there is only a hand full of active Boeing 727 in the world. Most of them are privately owned ans business jets. There is only one airline left, operating this type: Iran Aseman Airlines. They are remnants of a long gone era, before Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 were dominating the market. 

After the lifting of the sanctions on Iran, Aseman Airlines has ordered 30 Boeing 737 MAX as a replacement for their aging fleet. The Boeing 727 will be history with the delivery of these planes. So there is only a limited time left to fly one of these wonderful jets. There are currently three Boeing 727 left, all of them are former Air France planes. 

My flights with Iran Aseman

One of their routes in Iran is between Tehran-Mehrabad and Mashhad. I flew a total of four legs on the Iran Aseman Airlines, three of them to and from Mashhad and one flight to Shiraz, which was not planned but highly welcome. 

The crew of Iran Aseman Airlines was very kind and welcoming. I am sure they share the same passion and are proud of what they do. We were even able to visit the cockpit during our flight and thereafter. The service onboard was good with a cold meal in the evening and there were several rounds of tea during the flight. Flying the 727 was a real joy. You can feel the engines and the thrust, when you are sitting in the back of the plane. This is a feeling I really miss on newer planes. 


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