Emirates A380 Business Class

by Simon Wentzel

In November 2016 I had the pleasure to try out the Emirates Business Class on the Airbus A380. It is one of my favorite planes to fly on as it is offering much more space and comfort than other planes. 

My flight took me from Düsseldorf to Dubai, which is a short overnight flight leaving Düsseldorf at 9:30pm and arriving in Dubai around 5:30am. 

Enough time to get an impression of the A380, as I already knew their Boeing 777. But the Airbus is playing another league. The seats are offering much more privacy, especially when you are sitting in a window seat without a neighbor. You can choose from sitting closer by the window or aisle. 

I arrived a bit late at the airport, which didn’t really cause any trouble. The Emirates flight to Dubai is one of the last flights of the day, as there are night time restrictions in Düsseldorf after 10pm. So queues at security or passport checks are not an issue. 


The boarding process was a bit chaotic, as there were already all Economy passengers waiting in a long line in front of the gate blocking  the second boarding area for First and Business Class passengers. But overall it was a fast and well organized process. The staff were really doing their best.


I made my way to seat 19J in the Upper Deck. The Emirates crew welcomed me with a bowl of nuts and a glass of orange juice (as I don’t dring Champagne). It felt very personal, both flight attendants introduced themselves with names. 

Preparations for Dinner started right after take off as this will be a short overnight flight. The menu offered was a choice of mushroom soup, tuna or Bresaola as starter and a choice of beef tenderloin, grilled black cod or chicken machbous as main course.


My choice was obviously the chicken machbous, which was very tasty. It is a rice dish with chicken, slow cooked and with wonderful Arab spices.


It was followed by a choice of several dessert. I only tried the cheese plate, which was very good. Then I had to get some sleep. It would be a very short night for me. The bed was made for me by one flight attendant, the seat got even equipped with an extra padding and I was offered blankets and pillows. I really had the feeling, that everything was well taken care of. 

One very special feature could be found in the entertainment system. I really love that feature… 


The entertainment system is one of the best on the market. They offer a really wide range of movies including the latest releases. Some of the movies are even offered in other languages, such as French or German. In Business Class you will receive a set of noise cancelling headphones. But the A380 is very quiet anyway. 

My arrival in Dubai was very early. I would leave in the late afternoon so I went to catch some more sleep after my arrival before I continue. Going through security at Dubai Airport was very easy as I was equipped with a voucher for the express lane. 

And yes, I did visit the famous bar in the rear of the plane to get another drink and to have a look around. A very nice place to stretch legs and to socialize. But as it was a late evening flight I preferred to go back to my seat. I didn’t even take my camera with me.


Bottom line:

Emirates Business Class is offering a great product. Their seats are one of the best in market and offer some really nice features. Also the food and their service are great. They really take care of everything to give you a great Experience. 

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