DDA Classic Airlines DC-3 Dakota

by Simon Wentzel

Old Douglas planes like the Douglas DC-3, DC-4 or DC-6 are among my favorite plane types. I really love the sound of the old Pratt & Whitney engines on these old vintage airplanes! Reason enough for me to go after these types. One of them is the Dutch Dakota of DDA Classic Airlines in the Netherlands.


Where to fly that old bird?

The “Dutch Dakota”, as it is often called can be booked on http://www.dutchdakota.nl. There are numerous flights during the warmer period of the year, mostly from Amsterdam Schiphol, but also from Maastricht. If you want to fly, then just check their website, the new schedule will be released within the next weeks. For this season they even repainted the Dakota in their old color scheme as a former government plane.



About my flight on the Douglas DC-3

My flight took off from Maastricht Airport, which is mainly used by cargo flights. On the weekend it can be very quiet there with only some flights a day and some general aviation. But today there were even some Spotters for the Douglas DC-3 Dakota!

Todays route would take us over the Formula 1 race at Spa Francorchamps and then over Aachen, Germany and back to Maastricht, so it would be crossing three countries! 

The crew was very friendly and welcoming, all passengers were allowed as many pictures as they want and questions were answered. Both pilots were regular crew members with KLM. 



Some Impressions from the outside


Some Impressions from the flight


The Cockpit


Over Spa Francorchamps Formula 1 race


Over Aachen and Maastricht


Bottom Line

The ultimate trip for an Avgeek like me. One of the coolest vintage planes that you can fly! And the crew will make it a perfect trip for you! The Douglas DC-3 is really a comfortable plane, very quiet in the inside and comfortable seats. I would even go transatlantic with it… 

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