Qatar Airways A380 Business Class to Sydney

by Simon Wentzel

This Year I finally had the unique opportunity to fly Qatar Airways Business Class all the way to Australia. I went together with my wife, we made use of one of their great offers for couples. So the trip with a total of over 11 000 miles all in Business Class came at a very good price for us. 

Our trip started in Stockholm after a night spent at the Connect Hotel near the airport. 


Stockholm Arlanda Airport and Lounge

At the airport Qatar Airways had several counters open for check in, split into Economy and Business Class. Check In was super friendly, boarding passes came in a nice silver envelope and we could use a priority screening for security. After some shopping we visited the lounge. Qatar Airways uses the Stockholm Arlanda Lounge, which is a small and very basic lounge. But it should be just right for a quick coffee stop.


Our flight from Stockholm to Doha

Flight QR170 – ARN-DOH – 09:05-16:05 – B788 – Seat 3E/ F

Our flight to Doha left in the morning and was operated by a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which is one of my favorite modern airliners. Boarding was a bit delayed, as a tire had to be changed before the flight. But the problem was solved quickly and we would have no hassle to get our connecting flight in Doha.


It was offered breakfast with a western and Arabic option. Me and my wife we tried both and both were very delicious!


The entertainment system is also one of the best with a lot of choices in all languages, even films in Scandinavian languages. There were also a lot of brand new films on the system and tons of music to listen to.


Al Mourjan Business Lounge in Doha

Both lounges, no matter if Business Class or First Class lounge in Doha are very unique places. They both offer different food options, both a la carte and buffet, private bathrooms to refresh and also places to have a nap.


After a refreshing shower in our private and perfectly clean bathroom we tried the variety of food at the buffet restaurant and all the tasty desserts. They were really good.


Their lounge is like many lounges today announcement free and you can really relax. Even with a lot of people it never feels too busy or gets loud. 


Our flight to Sydney on the A380

Flight 908 – DOH-SYD – 20:15-18:15 – A388 – Seat 14E/ F

The flight to Sydney was on time and would be my longest so far with 13:50 hrs. The flight back would be slightly longer. But in Business Class this should be no reason to complain. It would be a very nice experience on Qatar Airways!

Our seats would be in the middle. It is still the best place for couples. Even if the seats are designed for more privacy you are somehow still closer together. Qatars new Q Suites offers a bit more choices for single travelers of course, but also for couples and families. 


Meal service today would offer a Dinner with the a la carte service by Qatar Airways, where you can choose whatever you want, whenever you like it. I really like that concept! In the morning there would be breakfast offered. I think this concept is just right, even if I expected two full meals before the flight. But you are always able to order more, whenever you like!


The bar in the rear cabin is usually very quiet, only a few passengers come here and drinks are usually taken to the seat. But the design is very spacious, much nicer than on Emirates and of course nicer than other airlines that have just nothing like this!


Our flight was very quiet and uneventful. The food was excellent and the cabin crew was absolutely amazing! Not even five minutes after I woke up I was offered a coffee! 


Bottom line

As this was my first time with Qatar Airways I am still amazed by the experience. They have a very modern fleet, their cabin and seats are just great and the service is always there for you with a very high level of professionalism. I also liked the choice of food with Arabic choices and of course the unique Business Class lounge in Doha.

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