by Simon Wentzel

Hi there!

My name is Simon. I live in Germany and like to travel. Okay okay… who does not? But over the past years I gained a higher interest in airplanes than most people have. It has somehow become my hobby and my passion. And it is bringing me to wonderful places I could have never imagined.

I do not remember my first flight, but I found out it was in 1986 in the age of only one. It was in a Lockheed L1011 TriStar of the former airline LTU.  

From my early years flying I only remember a few planes like the MD11 or the mighty Queen of the Skies, which I never flew on until I was 14. And I remember only a few Airlines like LTU, Condor and Hapag Lloyd. But I always enjoyed flying and travel.

My first 747 was in 1999. I think anybody reading this blog can understand the excitement about this plane. I flew in a classic Air France 747-200 to San Francisco together with my dad. It was a wonderful time and a great flying experience. 

Over the last couple of years I have tried out quite a number of airlines and plane types. I even went to Iran to fly their classic airfleet and to make some rare catches. But most time I stay within Europe. There are plenty of opportunities for great flying expirience.

But there is another side: I love to go new places, regardless if it is in Europe or somewhere else. It can be the Middle East or it can be Bavaria. It can be China or Italy. Sometimes it can even be reached by car. 

If you’re wondering, wich camera I am using… I use a Canon Powershot G7X most of the time while one a plane. It is much more discrete than using a DSLR on board. 

I also use a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV to take pictures of my travel. It is giving me a lot more opportunities. And sometimes it is also a door-opener. 


Since this all is my hobby and not my job, I do not receive any money or any other benefit from my travel. I do not promote myself towards airports, airlines or hotels and prefer to remain unrecognized. 

Please respect, that all photos shown here are my work and under my copyright. Please don’t use them anywhere else without my permission. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in my photos or videos. Please use the contact form on the page.